How long before our wedding should we book our workshop?

Ideally you should leave at least a month between your workshop and your wedding date and 8+ weeks if you are having extras such as engraving . On some occasions we can hold a "last minute" workshops but this may incur an additional fee to pay for fast hallmarking services and additional extras will not be possible.

What availability do you have?

We can hold the workshop for you Wednesday - Saturday between the hours of 10:00am - 4:00pm as long as the workshop is free and sometimes in the evenin/ other days by arrangement. Saturdays get booked up very quickly in advance ( 3 months+) so it is best to contact us as soon as possible for a Saturday booking.

How much do the materials cost?

The price of the materials will depend on the style and width of band you want to make and also your material choice. For a quote please fill in one of our wedding ring enqury forms via teh contact page.

As a basic guide on average to make a pair of wedding rings both in sterling silver is usually around £450 including the workshop fee and your materials, both in 9ct gold is usually around £500-£700 and both in 18ct gold is usually around £700- £1200 all depending on the exact sizes and shapes you choose. Of course you can make many different combinations for example make one ring in 9ct gold and the other in 18ct gold or one ring in silver and the other in gold.

What materials can we make our rings in ?

We can work in Silver, 9 ct red, yellow and white gold and 18 ct red, Yellow and white gold

At the moment we do not offer platinum or palladium to work in directly within the workshops, if you would like to make platinum or palladium rings we can make the rings in silver during your workshop and then have them cast into platinum or palladium ( this will incur an additional charge for the casting process)

Can I have engraving?

Yes we can arrange for engraving and this will be done by a master hand engraver after the workshop. the price will vary depending on what you would like engraved and we can provide you with an estimate at the workshop. You need to leave additional time for engraving.

What happens after the workshop?

At the end of your workshop you will have a ring each to the correct size and shape, after the workshop we will polish the inside of the bands for you so they are ready for hallmarking and also do any additional finishing for you. Your rings will be hand delivered to the Birmingham Assay Office where they will be hallmarked.

The finished boxed rings can then be collected from the workshop or sent by special delivery ( £8.50)

How long is the workshop?

Each pair of rings is unique so workshop times vary but it usually takes around 3- 4 hours to make the wedding rings

How do we book our workshop?

If you are ready to book your workshop please fill in the wedding ring enqury form via the conact page or wedding ring workshop page, or if you still have questions send us an email

To reserve the workshop for you on your choosen date, there is a £200 deposit abd booking fee which once paid is then taken off your remaining balance.