examples of metal strips in a d shape and a flat shape

                 examples of metal strips in a d shape and a flat shape

To make your rings we will need to start off with a strip of metal which is roughly the same shape and width to the band you want to make. 

So in order to get the correct materials for you and also to provide you with a quote there are three bits of information I will need to know 

  •  how wide or tall you would like your band?
  • what basic shape you would like from a curved band or a flat style of band?
  • what metal you would like to make your rings out of? 

Available materials and examples are listed below 


The metal is available in the most options in a  a d shape ( curved)  and in a flat shape and also in a very limited range of sizes in a court ( oval shape ) From these basic shapes we can make many different styles of band. 


The width refers to how wide or tall you would like your ring to be and the metal is available in a range of sizes from 1.5mm wide up to 6mm and in a flat  shape up to  8mm wide.   The rings in the image at the top of the page are examples of different widths from left to middle  2mm, 3mm ,4mm , 5mm , 6mm d shape  from middle to right  6mm flat shape, 5mm flat, 4mm flat, 3mm flat , 3mm flat , 2mm flat.

*other sizes are  available please ask and I will advise of the closest match to your preference

We can work in:

  • sterling silver
  • 9 ct gold  yellow, red or  white
  • 18 ct gold yellow, red or white

(The colours of the different golds  are shown in the image below) at the moment we do not work directly in platinum or palladium or titanium . 

For a quote or to order your materials - You can send me over a description of the rings you want to make  for example - Ring 1 a 3mm wide  d shaped band in  9 ct red gold & Ring 2 a 6mm wide  flat band in 18 ct white gold or if you like send me a picture of rings which are similar to those you want to make.