Material Shape Options


D Shape 

Curved on the outside and flat on the inside, this is the most classic shape of wedding band. The material is available in silver, 9ct & 18ct gold   1.5mm - 6mm wide  (the depth comes as a standard size of around 2mm at the deepest point it is not possible to change the depth) 



Flat Shape 

With straight sides and a flat outside and inside. Available in silver, 9ct & 18ct gold 1.5mm - 8mm wide  ( we usually start with a flat piece around 2mm deep which can be made thinner during the workshop if required)

Oval  ( court) 


Oval or court is curved on the inside and also on the outside and is only available in the following sizes  

3mm wide 4mm wide and 5mm wide all around 2mm deep at the middle point.  You can also make a D shape or a flat band more similar to a court by shaping  during your workshop. 


Sometimes call halo round is made from a piece of round wire and is only suitable for smaller rings in a width of 3mm and less, otherwise it can be too chunky and uncomfortable to wear between the fingers.