Textures & Surface Finish 

From the three basic ring shapes we can help you to make many different styles of band, from a classic perfectly polished ring to a unique hand textured band.  

You can apply a polished, brushed, textured, hammered or sculpted finish to any of the material options and you will get to try out some different techniques on test metal and a practice ring before applying to your own wedding bands. For bands shaped around engagement rings see below. 

Shaped Bands to fit around an engagement ring 

At the workshop we can help you make a wedding band to fit closer to  your engagement ring.  The style of rings we can help you make are ones which will "flow" around the setting of your engagement ring.   

When making a shaped band you will get to practice in copper first before making the actual ring.  We have included some images below to give you an idea about what is possible.

 It is best to choose a narrower width of band of 3mm and less if you want make a big curve or dip and the maximum width of band for making shaped rings is 4mm.

We can also make rings with a twist ( you need to start with a flat shape to make a ring with a twist) 

Or you can sculpt and shape a band by filling to create dips or forms so that its allows the wedding band to sit closer to your engagement ring.